Panstone Europe are delighted to offer Reseller packages for like minded companies looking to broaden their portfolio with our premium machines. Over the coming weeks, you will see more content appear on this page with further details of availability. If you require more information today – contact us on +44 (0) 1978 421 761.

Benefit of becoming a reseller

The reseller business is an innovative business model and  great opportunity for entrepreneurs and experienced businesses to expand their vertical market.

What is a reseller?

The reseller is a business who buys a product from the manufacturer (Panstone EU) and sells it to the end user either online or through traditional offline direct channels. This way of doing business takes advantage of the reseller dropship business model as you are the middlemen between manufacturers and users. A reseller is different from a distributor in which he/she doesn’t hold stock. A reseller has full right in their own territory in reselling products from the manufacturer.

To Pan Stone, resellers are companies or individuals, which are usually service and / or sales companies / consultants who have the sole right to resell the Pan Stone brand in their region. Pan Stone provides the reseller with all the tools and resources needed to quickly implement and scale the sales of Rubber moulding machinery in the reseller’s market.

Why become a reseller?

Becoming a reseller is a more cost effective option than becoming an agent as it does not have the overheads an agency experiences with purchase of stock and covering machine guarantee and warranties.

  • Access to high end state of the art rubber moulding machinery with the back up and support direct from both the manufacturer and the European agent
  • Access to proven and reliable service and support network
  • Access to spare parts for support of machine maintenance
  • Buying into a globally branded product
  • Grow your existing business or start a new business using a branded quality product and support network
  • Direct access to supporting companies which can offer additional products for the rubber moulding industry to include high tec automation systems to improve your customers productivity
  • Access to a market leading products


If you require more information today – contact us on +44 (0) 1978 421 761.

New Agent Announced!

Panstone Europe are delighted to announce we are now partners with AWI Maskin based in Sweden. Having taken on a full reseller agreement – AWI Maskin will now support and provide a first class service to all our customers in the Nordic regions. We are very much looking forward to a successful business partnership over the coming years.



AWI Maskin AB

Tel: 0709-25 34 54